WNP.com is one of the leading bitcoin advertising networks in the world and focuses on traffic targeting that makes advertising simple for both advertisers and publishers.

No matter you are an advertiser or publisher, it will take 30 seconds to register. We will analyze WNP.com from the different sides of advertisers and publishers.

As an advertiser

The minimum deposit is 0.01 BTC, and it will be credited to your account after 3 confirmations.

You can run your advertisements by two ways:

You need to create an advert before add a new campaign under this advert.

CPC Advert: You choose the bid price for 1 click on your adverts and pay only for clicks you get.

CPM Advert: You choose the price per 1000 ads impressions for your adverts and pay for impressions.

You can choose the following three types to advertise:

Banner campaign: Most popular choice for marketers. Banners are placed in most prominent positions of publishers’ websites

You can choose the following sizes to set your banner campaign:

Text campaign: Relevant text ads of standard and custom sizes

Slide campaign: Banners displayed in the corner of the screen above the main content and instantly attract visitors’ attention. 320×250 is the only size for slide campaign.

You can also set daily budget and Geo. targeting.

As a publisher

WNP.com has some requirements for the publishers. You can know more from the following link

The minimum withdrawal is 0.005 BTC. Once the transaction is submitted, the administrator will check the traffic quality. It will be credited to the Bitcoin address if there is no quality problem with site’s traffic. Transaction fees will be deducted from the payment amount.

WNP.com will provide users a very detailed statistic of ad space performance, including views, clicks and total earnings.

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