Social(SCL) is a cryptocurrency that will be used within Nexus, a secure and private decentralized social network with integrated marketplace and ad platform.

If you want to know more about the Nexus and Social, you can watch the following video.

What is the Nexus?

Nexus is a social network built on modern technologies that also integrates popular features of e-commerce and crowdfunding. The network primarily concentrates on privacy, control of settings, security and listening to the voice of the community.

The Nexus platform hopes to integrate a full social interface that will be accommodated by a functional marketplace and ad platform that utilizes it’s native coin, Social.

Nexus is an already existing and established product on the iOS App Store, Google Play Store and the web.

What is the team of Social(SCL)?



What is the result of Pre-ICO?

What are the established products?

  • Nexus Debit Card

        Connect your Nexus account wallet to your Nexus debit card to spend your Social coins as fiat currency anywhere in the world. Fees will be minimal and as the card uses Visa infrastructure           you can use it almost anywhere in the world.

  • Multi-Wallet

        Your Nexus account wallet will be able to hold and store any Ethereum ERC20 standard token. integration will allow you to convert between tokens seamlessly straight from your Nexus account. Convert Socials between ShapeShift supported ERC20 standard tokens or            buy Socials directly with other ERC20 tokens. The Nexus account wallet is planned for launch early 2018.

  • Integrated Tor & VPN

       By integrating the Tor API to our mobile applications, we hope to keep Nexus a secure and private social network. Tor functionality will be opt-in and only used by the account if requested.

      We also have plans to use a built-in VPN within both mobile apps that can be paired with Tor to offer extreme browsing privacy while using Nexus.

  • Complete Transparency
  • Compliant and Registered
  • Funds Distribution
  • Coin Distribution
  • Integrated Ad Platform

      Nexus plans to integrate a fully functional and semi automatic ad platform. The ad platform will allow users to create ads that are displayed within the news feed.

     All ad spaces will cost an amount in Socials that is yet to be determined. Charges will be per impression and per click and will automatically deduct the amount in Social from the accounts web     wallet.

    Each ad that goes through the platform will be manually approved by Nexus to ensure quality.

What are the features of Social(SCL)?


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