What is Trustbtcfaucet?

Trustbtcfaucet.com is a reliable bitcoin faucet site where you can get free Bitcoins by multiple ways.

How to register the account?

When login in your account, you need to complete google recaptcha.

How to get bitcoins ?

The site has four ways to get bitcoins:

  • Bitcoin Faucet

    Earn free bitcoins by doing literally nothing – just completing a single captcha.

    Step 1: Click the following link

   Step 2: Complete the captcha

  • Hi-Lo

    You can choose “BET HI” or “BET LO”. To win, BET HI and get a number higher than 5250 or BET LO and get a number lower than 4750

  • Raffle

You can choose the ticket amount and purchase the ticket. Then the results of the raffle will be announced within seven days. The award can be divided into:

  • Refer

    You can send the link of Trustbtcfaucet.com to your friends, and if your friend registers the trustbtcfaucet.com and claims, you will earn free bitcoins.

How much can you earn from your referrals ?

You can get 50% lifetime commissions from every claim your referral made.

What is the minimum withdraw on Trustbtcfaucet.com?

The required minimum withdraw is 25,000 satoshis now.You must have a minimum balance of 0.00025000 BTC to withdraw your money to your Bitcoin address (set in Profile).

Your account balance is less than 0.00025000 BTC to withdraw your money to your Bitcoin address (set in Profile).

When will you get paid if you have requested a withdraw ?

Withdrawal requests will be processed manually every Tuesday and Friday.

Which way can deposit to the Trustbtcfaucet.com?

Trustbtcfaucet.com only supports the Bitcoin.

What are the advantages of Trustbtcfaucet.com?

  • The site has multiple ways to get free bitcoins.
  • Each transaction all has the payment voucher.
  • The site has the SSL certificate.

What are the disadvantages of Trustbtcfaucet.com?

  • The speed of the website is slow.
  • The site has no history records.

On Conclusion

Trustbtcfaucet.com is a legit bitcoin faucet site. You can earn bitcoins every five minutes. Join the trustbtcfaucet to get bitcoin now!


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