What is Coinbulb.com?

Coinbulb.com is a first-class bitcoin PTC website, where your clicks on the ads will bring back generous earnings. Also, the leading advertising platform make it accessible for advertisers to receive quality bitcoin related traffic. To those who have rare experience in Bitcoin before, it’s a good place to effortlessly earn small-amount bitcoins at anytime without investments.

Is Coinbulb.com a scam?

It is absolutely not a scam. Coinbulb.com displays the latest 1000 payments to certify its reliability.

Click the withdraw button on the dashboard when you have more than 0.1 mBTC on the accounts. Then, you will get the payments in the following 48 business hours.

(Transaction fees will be covered by Coinbulb.)

Main concern: How many bitcoins can I earn from coinbulb.com?

The earning is always floating along with the change of bitcoin price.

Here, I find the description of user’s earning from coinbulb.com FAQ.

For Standard Member:

Extra Earning Percentage: 0.00%

Referral Earning Percentage: 60%

For Premium Member:

Extra Earning Percentage: 100%

Referral Earning Percentage: 100%

Maybe you will be confused about what is extra earning. That is you can earn double satoshis from every click than standard users as a premium member.

The premium member is entitled to privileges of 100% extra earning and 100% referral commissions. These bonuses will be automatically added to your account balance.

How much do I need to pay for the ads? 

It depends on how many clicks the client purchases. At least 1000 clicks are needed to boot your campaigns. The price is also floating along with the change of bitcoin price.

So why choose Coinbulb.com?

  • User-friendly: It simplifies the process of registration and advertising. The advertisers can initiate their campaigns without bothering to sign up. Your account will be activated automatically. Details will be sent to the email boxes after successful ads submission.
  • Fast withdrawal: Your are able to get your withdrawals in 48 business hours.
  • High rewards: It gives more generous payouts than other bitcoin advertising websites.  
  • Payment proofs: Live statistics of latest 1000 payments are shown.
  • High-quality traffic: For advertisers, Coinbulb means quality bitcoin-user traffic, and easy operation of creating campaigns.
  • SSL Certificate: The SSL will encrypt all data.  It makes Coinbulb.com VERY different from its peer websites.

Anything I need to watch out for?

  • The amount of bitcoins you earn depends on the duration of the ad. If you switch to another tab, please confirm that the timer is terminated.
  • There are no 100% safe websites although Coinbulb.com can bring profits to advertisers and users. Clicking on the sites which trumpets their services may lead you to phishing sites.
  • To cash out the account amount needs to meet 10000 satoshis, which is not gonna happen overnight.
  • Also there are not too many ads on the site, you can get limited amount of bitcoins per day.


Coinbulb.com is one of the leading bitcoin advertising platform offering high-quality bitcoin related traffic. Most users will be satisfied with its clear website layout, easy operation and fast payouts without fees.

However, just clicking ads will not make you wealthy since the these bitcoin PTC sites provides only a certain amount of rewards. Naturally it happens that users who never visit again will leave their rewards to bitcoin advertising sites forever. Thus, it is better for you to continue working hard until you reach the minimum withdrawal limit. Also, you are able to earn effortlessly by inviting others to register the site with your referral link.

Notice: We will update our review when the site make some adjustments.