Site status: Unavailable ( Update time: 26th, July)

As we all known, is one of the largest cryptocurrencies exchanges processing the high volume of bitcoin and other cryptocurrency transactions.  

However, now we can not open, which was established in 2011. All users must be confused whether the well-known bitcoin exchange is offline or not.

Here is the latest news from BTC-E on twitter (posted 25th, July):

We are still continue to perform our unscheduled ongoing maintenance. Will keep you updated. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thus, some rumors are spread rapidly and caused a heated discussion about the unscheduled ongoing maintenance.

Where can you find the latest comments about

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Now users are holding the different opinions about the site suddenly offline status. Some people think that it is probably just a hardware issue with the servers. However, many users are in panic since the site may be hacked due to the unrealistic maintenance. Also, several clients may be not aware that is now unavailable.

Is hacked?

There is no exact evidence showing that is downline forever. Maybe it will return to normal just a few hours later. The following transaction may indict the challenge the bitcoin exchange is faced with. However, the transaction may not have a connection with It may be just something else. 

We hope can continue running no matter what happened, or it will be a great shot to the entire bitcoin and cryptocurrency market. You can share your comments here to communicate with others who are concerned with the issue.


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