This week, the relatively new India-based cryptocurrency exchange, Koinex, announced the listing of bitcoin cash (BCH) paired with the Indian rupee (INR).

Koinex Introduces an Altcoin Trading Platform for India

A new cryptocurrency exchange called Koinex has been gaining popularity because it is the only Indian trading platform that lists alternative digital assets, rather than BTC/INR pairs only. The exchange currently allows BTC, XRP, LTC, and ETH trading alongside the rupee, making it India’s first altcoin trading platform. In an interview last week, Koinex co-founder Rahul Raj revealed the exchange’s plans to list more digital currencies in the future.

“We are planning to bring new coins in the market that adds value to the market,” Raj said. “We are planning to launch coins equipped with modern security which can give traders security to trade in — We have definitely some coins in the pipeline coming up in the market in next few years.”

Koinex Will List Bitcoin Cash Pairs This October

Now, Koinex has announced the launch of BCH/INR and BCH/BTC trading pairs in less than two weeks.

“We are glad to announce support of the BCH/INR trading pair on Koinex,” explained the Indian exchange. “BCH/INR trading pair will be live on Koinex on Wednesday, October 11.”

Koinex says it is pleased to offer BCH options on the exchange and all customers will get a BCH wallet associated with their account after October 11. “If you are a cryptocurrency trader who has been trading in bitcoin and is currently holding bitcoin cash, Koinex presents to you an exciting opportunity to begin trading in BCH and cashing out.” Furthermore, the trading platform is inviting BCH supporters from the region to buy, trade or hold BCH.

Near Real-Time INR Deposits and More Cryptocurrencies Will be Added Soon

In addition to being the only exchange offering a myriad of other digital assets and BCH pairs, the trading platform has also enabled “near real-time deposits” for users’ INR wallets. Moreover, Raj says they are working on launching a number of digital assets that they believe will be popular within the Indian cryptocurrency ecosystem.

“We want to add a holistic number of coins covering up the entire interest in the Indian cryptography market, Raj explained during his It’s Blockchained interview. “We have been working on 4-5 coins, and currently, two are under development and soon we are going to launch this in the market.”



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