1.Earn free Bitcoins from Bitcoin faucet websites

Surfing bitcoin faucets website is one of the simplest and safest way to earn free bitcoins online. It is a sensible choice for bitcoin newbies since they can both receive rewards in the form of a tiny fraction of bitcoin and have a basic knowledge of how to earn bitcoins.

What are bitcoin faucets?

Bitcoin faucets are reward systems in the form of websites that dispense rewards of satoshi, which is a hundredth of a millionth BTC. Visitors can get free bitcoins in exchange for completing tasks of captchas or games on the website.

How to use bitcoin faucets?

When you open the website, you just have to enter your bitcoin wallet address or the email id associated with your bitcoin wallet. The time you spend on filling in a captcha or solving a simple mathematical problem will be counted, serving as a basis for the rewards. Finally, your reward will be credited either immediately or on a designated weekly payout day to your wallet.

In conclusion

A popular word in the Bitcoin community is ‘faucet’. In other words, faucets can be called just giveaways. They work on the principle described above – you earn your free coins with a predetermined regularity, for example, every 5 minutes, or every day. The websites offer absolutely different kinds of activities for which users get paid.

While a few faucets offer fixed amounts of coins, other provide satoshis within a particular range. For example, FreeBitco.in offers payments in between 300-something satoshis to 0.3 BTC, and on Crococoin, you have a chance to win an entire Bitcoin. A majority of websites will offer visiting pages, watching videos, or even playing games.

Faucet is an important part of any respectable dice website in the crypto community. On sites like DiceCoin.io, you receive 0.00001 BTC or 1,000 satoshis every five minutes, but on the condition that your balance is empty. There is a similar condition on PrimeDice, but the amounts are smaller – 0.000002 BTC. Of course, you can multiply your coins by making bets and being lucky.

2.Earn free bitcoins from PTC websites and microtasks

What is PTC?

PTC stands for Paid To Click, which is a great platform developed from faucets to earn free bitcoins online by taking different quick tasks, sometimes called microtasks. The main purpose of these websites is to make propaganda for corporations willing to pay them and reward the users who complete the tasks.

How to earn free bitcoins on PTC websites?

PTC websites provide you with a opportunity to earn a few more bitcoins than those you earn from faucets. You can click the links and view the ads whenever you have a few spare minutes. Then, you are able to get the rewards and earn bitcoins.

3.Earn free bitcoins from bitcoin mining

What is bitcoin mining?

Bitcoin mining is the process of generating new bitcoins by solving computationally-difficult problems, which also helps manage bitcoin transactions. and earn BTC as a reward.

Is bitcoin mining difficult?

Certainly. When the virtual currency was first released in 2009, you could mine hundreds of BTC with any regular computer effortlessly. However, miners today employ specialized devices in competition to earn bitcoins with the support of the bitcoin network, nearly 256 times faster than the world’s top 500 supercomputers combined.

How to mine bitcoin?

In the process of bitcoin mining, new bitcoin transactions will be added to the block chain, where all bitcoin transactions are stored. Then, your computers will searches for new blocks. Once a new block is discovered, you can get 25 BTC as a reward.

You would better join a mining pool to work with other miners. There are four main hardware categories: CPU, GPU, FPUA and ASIC, in which ASIC is the most deal bitcoin mining hardware . By the way, miners have to install the bitcoin mining software depending on their operating system

In Conclusion

It may be true that the most profitable days of mining are long gone, but that doesn’t mean mining is a complete waste. Your best bet to make any bitcoins at all through mining would be through a mining pool. For one, this method doesn’t require the crazy overhead costs of high-powered computers and high electricity bills. A full list of mining pools can be found here. Even then, making bitcoins is not easy. It tends to be more of a hobby these days for the majority of miners, as profit is harder and harder to reach. This is due to the increasing difficulty for the computers to actually solve the equations, as well as faster and higher-powered computers competing against them. This is all very oversimplified, as the more in-depth process can be found here. Nevertheless, the option to mine bitcoins is still available for those who wish to do so.

4.Earn free bitcoins from bitcoin lending

Direct bitcoin lending

Lending BTC directly to others you are familiar with is an easy way to earn free bitcoins if you already have some bitcoins. The two of you only have to focus on the terms such as duration and interest rate.

However, the trust factor must be considered when you lend out bitcoins although you regard the borrower as trustworthy. Moreover, you may not have too many acquaintances who are in need of bitcoins or match your requirements on interest rates.

P2P bitcoin lending

Peer to Peer lending websites typically offer diverse listings from borrowers, insuring that users earn interest with safety from bitcoins they already have.

The process that lenders meet the funding requests from borrowers by BTC is called bitcoin loans, which produce the same effect of fiat currency loans. Then, borrowers get these bitcoins within a specified time and repay the loan with interest.

Necessarily, you had better choose those websites which assesses the creditworthiness of their applicants, so that you can earn free bitcoins in a more reliable way.

Bitcoin lending from Bitcoin banks

Compared with P2P bitcoin lending, it is more convenient to deposit your BTC in bitcoin banks that pays you a steady stream of interest income instead of diversifying your bitcoins over many borrowers. Bitcoin banks take advantage of your deposits as investment funds. Inevitably, risks also exist because of the volatile bitcoin price and uncertained network security.

In conclusion

Bitcoin lending is a practical method to earn free bitcoins online based on what you already have.

5.Earn free bitcoins from being a bitcoin broker

bitcoin broker

Undoubtedly, being a bitcoin broker can be considered as a vocational choice for those bitcoin enthusiasts who have some deposits of BTC to earn free bitcoins online. In fact, being a bitcoin broker is similar to a double-edged sword although it is very accessible and profitable, since bitcoin brokers are threatened by risks of contravening regulations, getting scammed online and being affected by fluctuating exchange rates. Thus, you have to master the basic knowledge of investment and exchange rates, forums like InvestOpen may give you some useful suggestions.

How to be a bitcoin broker?


Before you embark on being a bitcoin broker, you preferably consult a legal adviser to give you some suggestions about legal regulations of where you and your clients live in. Afterwords, you can decide whether you need a license or not to satisfy certain requirements. Having a license is disputed since bitcoin trading are free without registering as a business.

2.Two options:

P2P marketplaces

When you start your career as a bitcoin broker by using peer-to-peer marketplace services, you don’t have to look for clients by yourself. In stead, you just buy BTC immediately and sell them at profit on the dependence of the platform.

Establish your own website

Establishing your own website is another way to earn free bitcoins. You need to negotiate with individual bitcoin buyers and sellers, rather than publicly making visible offers on an existing exchange.

Though you have to find your own clients, you may get more profit per trade without the commission to work through a third party service.

In conclusion

You can earn free bitcoins online by brokerage with the significant principle of being careful.

6.Earn free bitcoins from revenue sharing on social media

Revenue sharing means splitting operating profits and losses based on the partnership program, so that all participants can share the revenue from the advertisers. Revenue sharing on social media is

 a good source of getting free bitcoins. Users generate useful contents on social media, such as a social network, a blog publishing site and an image sharing site. Then, they will get free bitcoins in return by virtue of the value they created on social media.

7.Earn free bitcoins from bitcoin tips


Nowadays, it has been increasingly prevalent to earn free bitcoins from bitcoin tips. Firstly, you need a bitcoin wallet and a QR-code with your bitcoin address on it. Then, make sure your clients who can potentially give you tips are aware of your bitcoin address.

Where can you get bitcoin tips?

1.You can open a shop online to sell goods, accepting BTC as a means of payment.There is no need to check the incoming payment and the exact amount since tips are voluntary.

2.Free bitcoins online can be received by writing blogs. You can display the QR-code or just your Bitcoin address at the bottom of your page or wherever it seems suitable. Clients can give bitcoin tips as they like.

In conclusion

It is simple and convenient to earn BTC by getting tips.

8.Earn free bitcoins from gambling games

Bitcoin gambling games which allow making small bets, is a good choice to play for fun or as a hobby. In a real casino, you cannot simply deposit one cent to start gambling, but bitcoin gambling can satisfy the demand as bitcoins are highly divisible.

You can earn free bitcoins according to your own winning strategy or just follow your intuition. No matter how experienced you are, you should be cautious since challenges and risks always exist.

9.Earn free bitcoins from reading online books

Earn bitcoin by reading

You can earn free bitcoins on E-book reading websites which offering free bitcoin rewards to its readers in the same way a bitcoin faucet does. It is interesting and engaging to earn bitcoins online, as it offer the user  opportunities to engage in more ways than simply solving captchas and pressing a couple of buttons.

10.Earn free bitcoins from Coin Flapper

Coin Flapper is an android game to earn free bitcoins or satoshis by playing the game and winning daily tournaments. It allows you to play 200 free games each day. If you win a single tournament, you are rewarded with 0.000006 BTC. The developers of Coin Flapper have also launched a Pro version of the game owing to its increasing popularity,  allowing players to win more rewards of up to 0.003 BTC(instead of 0.000006).

Obviously, Coin Flapper is a frolic way to earn small amounts of free bitcoins in your idle hours.


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