What is Draglet.com?

Draglet.com is a Blockchain service provider drawing on years of experience since the beginning of Bitcoin and Ethereum technology.

What is the team of draglet.com?

Draglet is always looking for skilled employees with a passion for technology and an active interest in the crypto-coin industry.

This picture only indicates the part of the Participants. You can visit the official website to know the whole Participants.

What makes draglet special?

  • The rich experience
  • Providing companies with quality Blockchain applications worldwide.
  • Establishing long-term relationships with customers based upon shared ideals and deep commitment.
  • Communicating available and friendly of draglet’s customer support.
  • Ensuring a safe back and operation and assuring maximum security.
  • Fulfilling the queries and requirements in the shortest span of time and without sacrificing quality.
  • The software will match the most suitable buyer and the most suitable seller. Also, the software will offer, out of the box, limit, and market orders.
  • Draglet software can support a myriad of languages and even writing modes, including right to left writing found in Hebrew and Arabic.
  • A special ICO Column.

What are the technologies of Draglet.com?


Cxclient provides an extremely useful frontend GUI where the customer can securely watch and manage all wallet activity. With CxClient is possible to customize instant notification regarding any type of movements. It also supports 2FA Authentication while accessing account information, detailed debit/credit entries, fee information and account history. It makes it an ideal tool for traders to keep track of wallet activity.


CxServer provides high availability, scalability and simultaneously allows adding and removing servers without downtime.


CxEngine is a high performance, robust, flexible and optimistic cryptocurrency trading engine. This trading engine is extremely robust has it can handle high trading volumes up to 1.000.000 orders per hour.


CxWallet is an excellent product that provides the best secure solutions and special features enabling direct trading.


CxAdmin provides an optimal solution to administer fiat funds of user accounts. It is an interface that manages all customer front end support, and configuration of adjustable exchange parameters like minimum nominal trading fees.

What’s more, the Draglet.com also has the special ICO Column, and what’s so special about draglet’s ICO solutions?

  • Maximum Security
  • Trading and Liquidity
  • Simplified Funding

What are the features of ico?

  • Multi-addresses Prevent Hack Attempts
  • Multi-Currencies Funding
  • Custom Tokens Through Smart Contracts
  • Protection Against Token Loss
  • Custom ICO Landing Page Design
  • Hosting And Fund Administration
  • KYC Verification

How about the price?

According to the experience which has been shared by expert-lister on Bitcointalk.com, the price is $64k for installment to 16 months. It means $64k +$11k extra profit for them. The following picture is about the prove of Bitpay.com:

On Conclusion

Generally speaking, Draglet has gone out with a new vision and probably has founded a new industry in the ecosystem; one that can provide real live solutions to entrepreneurs and innovative businesses working in the area while assuming leadership in this new market industry.

Draglet products can provide a safe environment for trading, powerful customized tools and the best versatile solutions to keep track, manage and administrate different crypto currency business.


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