Crystal Clear Services(CCT) is bringing the power of the blockchain to the global service industry. In this current form, the service sector faces immense issues including a lack of organization and non-transparency. Motivated by these factors, CCT aims to reinvent and revolutionize the way customers and service providers connect, negotiate, and execute paid services through the transparent service platform of Crystal Clear Services.

What is the roadmap of Ccstoken?

What is the team of the ico?

What is the amount of the CCT?

What are the features of CCT?

  • Decentralized Service System
  • Integrated SystemOf Service Auction
  • EscrowSystem And Court Of Participants
  • Transparency OfAll Transaction And Prices
  • GlobalBlacklist
  • Popularization OfBlockchain And Crypto-currencies

On Conclusion

The future and the technologies coming with it are already on the threshold of our home and will soon change all aspects of our lives. In all major cities, offline local services have long been on the Internet and now it is the time of the next spurt that Crystal Clear Services is planning!


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