What is Ccore?

Ccore is a Crypto Payment Platform that allows people who have cryptocoins / altcoins to spend them on various fiat based online services and stores without losing value on the exchange. And the owners of online-stores will be able to accept cryptocurrency for payment, while not losing part of their profit due to variation of cryptocurrency rate.

What is Ccore Token?

Tokens ccore are digital currencies, through which it will be possible to pay in online-stores for products or services.

What is the team of the Ccore?

What is the roadmap of the Ccore?

What is the amount of the Pre-ICO?

What is the structure of Ccore?

What are the advantages of Ccore?

  • Having offered innovative solutions to business for usage of cryptocurrencies for payment of products and services, ccore has all the prospects to become one of the large platforms of circulation in this sector in case of sufficient financing.
  • Ccore tokens will be used as fund for payment of products and services by payment system C Pay. With the increase in popularity of C Pay in the business sphere, demand of ccore tokens will be increased.
  • After the startup of C Exchange the ccore tokens will be immediately included in the exchange, which makes it possible for holders of ccore tokens freely trading them.
  • Ccore tokens are official tokens of C Exchange. And all the additional instruments (BTC, ETH, etc.) will bargain with pairs of ccore tokens. It will lead to increase of demand for ccore tokens, and, in further, it will increase its value.

What is Intercommunion of ccore with market participants?

On Conclusion

In order to strengthen such complicated project in the shortest period of time, we should replenish our team up to 20 persons. Besides, we need funds for marketing, equipment, contingent expenses. Considering all these aspects we plan spending of pre-ICO and ICO for collecting funds for realization of the project.


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