What is Btcvic.com?

Btcvic.com is a PTC (Paid-To-Click) where you get paid to view sites.

How to earn bitcoins on Btcvic.com?

  • Get about 500 Satoshi for signing up
  • Earning up to 800 satoshi by viewing advertisements for only 10 or more seconds.

  • Getting 50% of your referrals earning which is about 400 satoshi by clicking PTC advertisements.

What are the main points of the Btcvic.com?

  • The user can only have one account.
  • Each visit is unique on a scale of 24 hours. Meaning, you will only be charged for the same visitor once per 24 hours.
  • Minimum withdraw is 0.00035000 BTC

What are the requirements when advertising on Btcvic.com?

  • Get a thousands of new customers!
  • All visitors are guaranteed to be Bitcoin users
  • Increase yours site popularity
  • Strong Anti-Cheat Protection
  • No sign-up required!

Which advertisements are not allowed?

  • URL shorteners
  • Copyright infringing material
  • Adult (18+) content
  • Illegal products and services (drugs, organs, unlicensed weapons, prostitution)
  • Framebreakers, framekillers, framebusters
  • Websites that never load

What are the advantages of the Btcvic.com?

  • This site provides offers which gives the link of other sites to get more free bitcoins.
  • The page layout is organized
  • The speed of the site is fast

What is the disadvantage of the Btcvic.com?

This site has no SSL certificate

On Conclusion

Btcvic.com is paid to click website where you earn bitcoin for viewing advertisements.

However, just clicking ads will not make you wealthy since the these bitcoin PTC sites provides only a certain amount of rewards. Naturally it happens that users who never visit again will leave their rewards to bitcoin advertising sites forever. Thus, it is better for you to continue working hard until you reach the minimum withdrawal limit. Also, you are able to earn effortlessly by inviting others to register the site with your referral link.


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