On the 10th of this September, global Bitcoin and Blockchain experts and industry leaders will gather at the Shape The Future: BTC & Blockchain Global Summit in Beijing, China. The summit, hosted by BITKAN, is to discuss the current state of cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology as well as how each will impact the future. A documentary premiere will also be hosted on the same day. Produced by BITKAN, it is the first Chinese Bitcoin documentary in history aiming to shed some light on the Chinese BTC industry to the global audience.

The First Bitcoin Documentary In China

Over the course of six months, the film crew traveled accross China to interview a wide variety of people from all levels of involvement with Bitcoin. Their journey took them from Beijing to Dongguan, Shenzhen to Hong Kong, and even the far flung reaches of Inner Mongolia.

The crew interviewed over twenty industry leaders from various tech companies, exchanges, mining hardware manufacturers, and mining farms to gain a detailed account of China’s contributions to Bitcoin and its impact on the international Bitcoin community as a whole.

Some of the C-level individuals who contributed to the documentary include:

  • Wu Jihan, CEO of BITMAIN
  • Liu Yang, CEO of BitKan
  • Yu Fang, Co-CEO of Bitkan
  • Li Lin, CEO of Huobi
  • Wu Gang, CEO of BIXIN
  • Yang Haipo, CEO of ViaBTC

In addition, many other Bitcoin users, investors, and other industry experts were interviewed as well.

Your Voice Matters

In a world of increasing government oversight, how do we move forward to achieve mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology without sacrificing privacy? How far-reaching are its possible application?

These are all questions that will impact the future of Bitcoin, cryptocurrency as a whole, and Blockchain technology. And only by communicating and discussing with professionals all over the world can we begin to solve the problems. The BTC & Blockchain Global Summit will give everyone a voice in shaping that future!

Now this unprecedented summit is open for registration!


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