What is Brickblock?

Brickblock is the first project to build an infrastructure platform to seamlessly and transparently connect cryptocurrencies with real world assets.

What is the team of Brickblock?

What is the roadmap of Brickblock?

How does Brickblock work?

Brickblock provides a platform for traders, cryptocurrency holders, and institutional investors to diversify their portfolios. Users are given the opportunity to invest out of cryptocurrencies into real world assets like ETFs and Real Estate Funds with regular dividend payouts. Additionally, Coin Funds offer a diversification within cryptocurrencies with just one transaction. For all of these transactions, you receive a unique token into your Ethereum wallet, which legitimizes you to access the safely stored assets.

What’s more, brickblock enables users to invest in several traded assets irrespective of the size of their investment portfolio. It uses smart contracts to handle micro as well as big investments thus offering lower fees and better prices than traditional banks. Users get an asset-backed token with a unique denomination after each investment. The tokens are easily tradable on cryptocurrency exchanges than on stock markets. Assets are also redeemable from the Digital Trust at any time.

Who is Brickblock for?

  • Private Investors
  • Institutional Investors
  • Real Estate Fund Managers
  • Coin Managed Fund Manager

Why investors choose Brickblock?

  • Eliminating FX
  • Independent Marketplace
  • Optimizing Dividends
  • Low Entry Cost
  • Global Investments
  • No Minimum Investment

What are the Brickblock tokens?

Brickblock tokens are an essential part of the platform. They give “mining right” that makes the production of Access tokens – necessary for every transaction on the platform – possible. There is a limited supply of Brickblock tokens and they cannot be reproduced by anyone.

What are the advantages of Brickblock?

  • 24/7 Trading
  • Invest Without Borders
  • Faster and More Cost Efficient
  • 100% Asset Backed
  • Transparent

On Conclusion

Brickblock is building a new blockchain-based solution for investing in exchange-traded funds(ETFs), real estate funds(REFs), passive coin-traded funds(CTFs) and active coin managed funds(CMFs).It uses the asset-first principle, which incentivizes asset vendors to deliver assets before getting paid, thus further reducing investor risk. Good luck and hope you will be succcessful!


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