What is Bitsforclicks.com?

Bitsforclicks.com is the oldest Bitcoin Paid-to-Click (PTC) website. They pay out bitcoin to users when they view advertisements on the site. It launched in March 2015. It is pretty simple and easy to use. Good for those looking to earn some easy bitcoins. As faras i can see the site is paying without any delays or major issues for nearly 3 years under old ownership, though the site will only be placed on the Ongoing List as the new site bitsforclicks.com is under new ownership even we got paid in time at this site, but we still have to wait before moving it to Legit List.

How can i make money with Bitsforclicks.com?

You can earn bitcoins with this company in two ways:

1) Clicking Advertisements

 Bitsforclicks.com allows you to earn 0.15 mBTC ($0.09) for every advertisement you click if you want to just do this for fun it would be worth it.

2) Referring People

If you refer your friends or any person you know to bitsforclicks.com using your referral link (you will find it on your dashboard once you register) you will get 10% to 20% of their earnings.

If you refer a lot of people through you, maybe you will be aiming to some acceptable cash per month, it all depends on how active your referrals are.

How can i decide whether to use Bitsforclicks.com or not?

The awesome stuff that we found here on Bitsforclicks.com is that they pay via Bitcoin (mBTC specifically) and we all know that this cryptocurrency popularly known as BTC is decentralized and doesn’t go through banks that cost insane transaction fees. Crypto money are more comfortable to use since it is a one click send and receive transaction, much easier to use than PayPal that passes through different processes which cuts hell lot of your money.

Bitsforclicks.com also has a very low withdrawal threshold of 0.15 mBTC that can be obtained within a short period of time. It’s acquired because they are also a free bitcoin faucet like what I did mention above earlier.

Now, let’s take a look at their pros and cons for comparison. Might help you decide whether to use them or not.

What are the Pros of Bitsforclicks.com? 

  • Paying: we have been paid so many times and you can see proofs below.
  • All Countries Accepted: There are no restrictions and all can join and earn from this site. However chances to earn more may differ.
  • Low minimum cashout: The minimum cashout is currently at 0.15 mBTC. Which should be a easy target to reach and cashout with.
  • Don’t have to click to earn from downline: You don’t need to click to earn on this site.

What are the Cons of Bitsforclicks.com?

  • Whois Private: Hidden ownership in site registration is not a indicator of a scam, however having the whois hidden can make people doubtful about a site legitimacy. Some owners will opt to have their info hidden for privacy and security reasons. Which is within their rights to do so, but it is also within people’s rights to be doubtful of sites that hide such info. Especially those that take in money from upgrades and purchases.
  • No Forums: Bitsforclicks doesn’t have a forum, Though they have a thread at bitcointalk forums and it might be used for discussions or any complains.
  • New site/Ownership: Bitsforclicks site was totally alike old coinadvertisement which was sold to the new owner. The main reason why we see this as a downside is due to the large number of new sites that go through many sudden changes during their first 6 months. Changes anywhere from rates per click, payment processor issues and payment wait times. New sites notorious for changing their terms. That’s Why we do not recommend investing in new sites.


This website under review is categorized by us basically as a paid to click site or PTC in short, and because they are also a free bitcoin faucet.So, scam or not? Well, I can assure you they are paying on time everytime without any major issues. They are also rated 4.5 out of 5 stars from other PTC reviewing website bodies. Payment proofs can be found on different parts of the internet like blogs, forums, etc. But they are a new site with an age of 1-2 or more years old. Anything can happen.


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