is a bitcoin advertising platform, which was launched by Bitmedia LTD within Bitcoin-network (community). This is a niche area, which allows resourceowners of  Bitcoin-subjects to buy and sell thematic traffic. Below we will analyze from the pointviews of advertiser and publisher.

As an advertiser supports Bitcoin and USD to fund your advertising account. The deposit will be credited to the account after three confirmations. What’s more, you can convert main account and other campaign to available balance.

You can run your advertisements in two ways:

CPC campaign: You choose the price per 1000 advertisement impressions for the ads of уour ad campaign and pay for impressions. Such advertisements usually have a high priority in rotation.

CPM campaign: You choose the bid price for 1 click on your ad and pay only for clicks you get. This type of ads usually has a lower priority in rotation.

Both of the types can choose the average visibility, the geo-targeting, devices and additional options according to their requirements.

You may choose the following banner sizes to advertise:

• 728×90

• 468×60

• 125×125

• 250×250

• 300×250

• 300×100

• 250×100

• 160×600

As a publisher

To be publishers of, Websites related to Bitcoin or Cryptocurrencies are allowed. Sites need to be made for people; dumps of advertising banners, autoredirects and other trash are banned immediately.

If the website is not related to the bitcoin, the admin of will check your website according to the good, lively audience and the topic of your project whether suits us or not.

The minimum withdrawal is 0.01, and it will be transferred to the main balance in 7 days.

You can earn 80%-90% spending of advertisers, however in some cases it may reach up to 70% or 100%, depending on the account level, web site credibility and many other factors.


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