It’s been a crazy ten days for bitcoin enthusiasts as the network had its first high profile hard fork that split the network into two. During the first week, the Bitcoin Cash blockchain has pushed forward, and the currency’s market is thriving. Now two cryptocurrency payment processors, the Living Room of Satoshi, and Rocketr have announced supporting BCH on their platforms.

Bitcoin Cash Network and Market Thrives

The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain is moving along processing blocks and is currently thriving as a network. So far there’s been 408 blocks found on the BCH chain, and the currency has been trading heavily on exchanges. At the moment, bitcoin cash is trading at $300 per BCH and has the fourth largest cryptocurrency market cap. There are a lot of exchanges and cryptocurrency wallet providers that have decided to support the BCH network so far. Moreover, other types of operations like the marketplace Purse has also announced BCH distribution for customer funds held on the platform.

Digital Product Marketplace Rocketr Customers Can Now Use Bitcoin Cash at the Webstore

This week the digital products marketplace Rocketr has announced customers can utilize BCH on the webstore. Rocketr is a e-commerce platform for selling and delivering digital goods like files, programs, activation codes, software, and other services. The startup was founded in 2016 by Rob Danielson and accepts Paypal, bitcoin, ethereum, Stripe (credit cards), and now bitcoin cash. The company announced adding the currency on August 9 on Twitter stating;

We’ve just enabled bitcoin cash as a payment option. Accept it in your webstore today.

Bill Pay Platform Living Room of Satoshi Accepts Bitcoin Cash  

Another cryptocurrency startup called the Living Room of Satoshi has also revealed users can utilize BCH on the bill paying platform. The company founded in 2014 is a payment processor that allows Australian residents to pay electricity, rego, phone, and credit card bills. The Living Room of Satoshi announced supporting the currency on August 7. Since then people have slowly started using BCH to pay their bills with the Australian startup’s platform.

You can now use your bitcoin cash to pay your bills or cash out to a bank account at Living Room of Satoshi!

So far it’s been a pretty decent week for bitcoin cash considering all the obstacles and its slow start. Further, reported that customers can utilize BCH at that marketplace thanks to Shapeshift integration. The cryptocurrency still has a long way to go for a nascent network that’s only a week old but despite all the naysayers, its seems BCH is here to stay.



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