Author: Angel

Will central governments strike down Bitcoin

Since its invention, some have already declared their standpoints and claimed that sooner or later, Bitcoin will be suppressed by the governments as illegal currency, because Bitcoin is destined to post threats to the traditional fiat currencies. The central banks of the world are not going to sit back and do nothing while their monopoly over money creation is being threatened. The governments of the world are not going to allow a digital currency that they have no control over to become “the future of money”.   The problem of whether or not Bitcoin will be canceled one day...

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Bitcoin Vocab

Address Bitcoin address is like a physical address or email address. It is the only thing you need to show to peoples when you are receiving bitcoins. To ensure your account’s safety, preferably each address should be exclusive to only one transaction.   Bitcoin ‘bitcoin’ with a capital B – Bitcoin refers to the concept of bitcoin. E.g. ‘Today I learned something about Bitcoin protocol.’ ‘ bitcoin’ with a small b – refers to the currency unit of bitcoin.  E.g ‘Today I transferred 10 bitcoins to Tom.’ Bitcoin is also abbreviated into BTC or XBT.   Peer-to-peer payment network It is suggested...

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