What is Adshares Network?

Adshares Network is a decentralized, peer-to-peer market for programmatic advertising. Adshares gives advertisers and publishers ability to trade directly without the need for centralized ad exchanges.

What are the features of Adshares Network?

  • LowFees

     Greatly reduced fees due to improved competition

  • Censorship Resistant

    Big players cannot silence controversial content

  • AiReady

    Built with machine learning in mind

What is ESC?

Enterprise Service Chain (ESC) is a blockchain that powers the Adshares Network. It is designed for superior performance and focused on micropayments.

What are the features of ESC?

  • Performance

     Easily handles 100k transfers per second

  • Security

     Unique Two-Tier node structure with built-in 2FA

  • Fair Economics

    Dividends are distributed to all token holders. No mining required.

What is the team of Adshares?

How about the Toke Pre-Sale?

What are the key numbers?

  • $220 BILLION

     Global digital advertisement spending is expected to reach 220 billion dollars in 2017.

  • OVER 50% FEES

     IAB study from 2015 revealed that less than half (45%) of programmatic revenues in the US reached publishers

  • 1% FEE

    Adshares will take only 1% in fees. This will give existing market participants huge incentive to join our network.

  • $220 MILION

     With modest 1% fee Adshares Network will collect over 200 million dollars in fees per year if we can capture only 10% of global digital advertisement spending.

  • 100 000 TX/S

    Thanks to ESC architecture our blockchain can easily achieve 100 000 transactions per       second while keeping fees low

What are the Latest News?

What the AdServer is on this network?

AdServer serves two puproses. For advertiser it is software that lets him define what kind of ads they want to run and how much to pay for display of various quality. For publisher it is software that optimizes which ads to display to get most income while observing preference for it’s quality (eg. no adult content). It’s like a node in our network.


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