Anonymous Ads (A-ads) is a Bitcoin advertising network and focuses on anonymity. Geo-targeting is enabled and the main traffic are from United States, Brazil, India, Vietnam and Russia.

When creating the advertisements as an advertiser, it should take 30 seconds since no registration is needed. After your campaign is created, you can adjust its parameters, deposit any amount and wait for your ad to be activated by moderators of

As an advertiser supports Bitcoin.

You can run your advertisements in two ways:

Daily budget: Daily budget is the amount of money you allow us to distribute between ad units during a day in exchange for a share of their impressions. You can set daily budget by your requirements and need.

CPM Campaign: You will receive a fixed number of unique impression. Unique impression is an impression generated from an IP address which is unique in the scope of the whole advertising network during a day. You can set the CPM Bid and quantity.

You may use the main banner sizes to advertise:

• 120 x 60

• 120 x 90

• 120 x 240

• 125 x 125

• 160 x 600

• 250 x 250

• 300 x 250 

• 320 x 50

• 468 x 60

• 728 x 90

As a publisher

There are three types of ad units to wager

Ad Unit for site – the ad unit will be categorized within 24 hours and than will shown in Anonymous ads catalog.

Ad Unit for app – This ad unit is used for apps, browser extensions or hidden sites, this ad unit type is not being categorized.

Ad Unit for affiliate – used to participate the Anonymous ads revenue share program: The advertisers will pay the publishers based on their campaign impressions and click-through rate. will provide publisher a very detailed statistic of your ad space performance, including views, clicks and total earnings.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.001 BTC, once per 24 hours threshold.

You can earn 80% spending of advertisers for the CPM campaign and daily budget.