Recently, 3 o’clock Blockchain WeChat Group is a hit, a variety of crypto tycoons to share views at midnight. “3 o’clock” is said to be a slogan: In the blockchain coming days, sleeping is a waste of time. These tycoons daily debates to 3 o’clock. All kinds of sharp language, oppositions, supporters, or a bunch of pretended oppositions, a bunch of pretended supporters, everyone should know.

As a result, people who did not join the 3 o’clock Blockchain WeChat Group started to feel anxious: the tycoons are talking about the blockchain and what do I do without being in their group? I do not know technology, what do I do with blockchain? I do not know finance, what do I do? A lot of people have made a fortune overnight, is it the last bus right now?

The feeling it gave to me recently is that the crypto personalities and the blockchain personalities should all be cool to do practical things. Do not follow the tycoons to stay up late to 3 am, and settle down to develop a real altruistic, profitable and community-friendly application is the right answer. It is the only way when there are no more tycoons you still have a chance to talk at 3 am.

As the article “20 Million People Pretend to Know the Blockchain in Beijing” states:

“In the world of the blockchain, you can stand up confidently and face the so-called tycoons, do not worship any tycoons in traditional areas. God gave you one chance to have the same starting line with them, and even have the opportunity to go-ahead of them.”

“Blockchain” is destined to be the hot topic of 2018 industrial concern. How powerful is it?

Mark Anderson, a well-known investor in Silicon Valley and a staunch supporter of the blockchain, once said: “In 20 years, we will discuss the blockchain just as we did today with the Internet.”

So what did the Internet bring to mankind? It is obvious that the global village, the information explosion and the great progress of society undoubtedly emerged because of the emergence of the Internet.

Even those giant companies: Google, Facebook, Amazon, Alibaba, Tencent are also born because of the emergence of the Internet. The imagination Internet has given to mankind is very huge.

What will the blockchain bring? Possibly it will give humans more room for imagination than the Internet did. I am saying “possibly” because everything is just beginning and there is a lot of uncertainty.

Just as the old saying goes, learn what should learn, say what should say, sleep when it is time to sleep.



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