What is 1-hash.com? 

1-hash.com is launched by the Hangzhou mining technology incorporated limited. The company has the good bitcoin mining platform where it’s designed and unique from another platform. It operate their mining in several countries such as Japan, Iceland & China.

What are the main points of 1-hash.com?

  • Withdraw: the minimum withdrawal is 0.005BTC and only can withdraw every Monday. Withdrawals will be processed from Tuesday till Friday.
  • Payment Processor: Bitcoin, Perfect Money and Nixmoney
  • The funds should be confirmed by the system. Possible after one hour to six hours.

How much can you earn on 1-hash.com?

  • Starter start from 0.005 BTC weekly earning 5.0% Max 150%
  • Gold  start from 0.11 BTC weekly earning 10% Max 200%
  • Platinum start from 1.01 BTC weekly earning 15% Max 300%
  • Diamond  start from 5.01 BTC weekly earning 20% Max 400%

How about the affiliate bonus? 

  • Starter: 1.0%-5%
  • Gold: 0.5%-6%
  • Platinum: 0.5%-7%
  • Diamond: 0.25%-10%

What are the advantages of the 1-hash.com? 

  • Fastest Cloud Mining Provider 
  • Best Tech Hardware
  • Very Secure 
  • 99% Hardware Working 
  • Fast Fast Finance 
  • Process Transparent 

On Conclusion 

This site is legit as and they are paying if you found that this site is not paying. What’s more, it avoids future deposits and all new members will be aware of joining and making the investment on this 1-hash.com.  


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